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 If you are injured in an accident due to the negligent conduct of others, you should talk to a personal injury attorney. Damages for personal injury claims are most commonly paid to accident victims by insurance companies who have sold insurance policies to motor vehicle operators, homeowners, and business owners. The insurance policies should cover injuries caused by car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, defective product accidents, and even dog bites.

So, if you want to maximize your possible financial recovery, find a personal injury attorney who knows how the insurance claims process works. That’s where Mobilio Wood comes in. The personal injury legal team at Mobilio Wood has substantial experience representing both injured parties and insurance companies. Matt Mobilio spent years working for insurance companies defending personal injury lawsuits and has learned the intimate details of how they handle injury claims. Matt and his team will fight for your rights and work hard to get the compensation you deserve. Your recovery could include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and attorney’s fees.

If another party injures you or your loved ones, you have rights! Give us a call to discuss your situation. Until then, to learn more about the different types of personal injury claims that Mobilio Wood can help you pursue, click on the links below:

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