Child and Spousal Support

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Child and Spousal Support

A separation or custody dispute can leave one party wondering how they can afford to pay for the care of their children. Luckily, the law has safeguards to ensure the children are taken care of. It may be necessary for the parent who does not have primary physical custody to provide financial support to the parent who does. Pennsylvania employs certain guidelines for determining the amount of child support owed. There are, however, certain factors and policies the Court considers in determining a support amount. The attorneys at Mobilio Wood can identify those factors to make sure you get the best outcome for your situation. 

We will guide you through the process of applying for and receiving child support. If you are defending against a child support action, it is important to hire an attorney that is knowledgeable of the process, who can make sure you pay only what the law requires. 

In a Pennsylvania divorce action, there are three types of support awards available: (1) spousal support, (2) alimony pendente lite (APL), and (3) alimony. Most people are familiar with spousal support and alimony, but not many are familiar with APL. Both spousal support and APL are pre-divorce support and are calculated using the same formula in Domestic Relations. Alimony is post-divorce support and is awarded in a divorce based upon the alimony factors. It is important to note that spousal support does not require the filing of a Divorce Complaint, however one should be mindful of the various defenses available to the paying party. Once a Divorce Complaint is filed, however, support can be characterized as alimony pendente lite or “alimony pending litigation”, and there are very limited defenses to receipt of that type of support. 

The attorneys at Mobilio Wood are versed in practice and procedure in Domestic Relations where these matters typically begin. Whether it is to obtain a support award to secure you financially, or you are trying to combat paying a large support order you may not be able to afford, the attorneys at Mobilio Wood know will advocate for you. 

“I hired Matt to do some child support modification/ child custody work for me. Matt was thorough in his approach as well as easy to work with. I highly recommend him as an attorney.”
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