Mediation is an easy, fast and cost-effective way to resolve your divorce or custody matter without ever stepping foot in a courtroom.




Mediation is the process by which two people (husband and wife; mother and father) work to resolve their differences with the aid and assistance of a trained professional in a stress-free, informal environment, not the inside of a courthouse.


Once husband and wife or mother and father have agreed to mediate their dispute, they are asked to complete questionnaires and provide documents to the mediator that will help streamline the process.

Next, the parties will meet jointly with the mediator in a private conference room at Mobilio Wood’s office, for an introduction and to discuss the issues to be resolved.

The mediator will then move each party into his or her own private office and speak with each party separately to begin the process of working toward a resolution of each of the issues that the parties are facing.

The back and forth continues until all issues have been resolved.

The attorneys at Mobilio Wood will then prepare a settlement agreement, and all necessary supporting documents to finalize the divorce or custody matter.


There are many benefits to mediation, but some of the greatest benefits are peace of mind, timeliness, privacy, and cost.

With mediation, you are the final decision maker.  There is no judge to tell you what you can or cannot have in terms of custody of your children, or assets from your divorce.  What your life post-divorce or post-separation will look like is totally up to you.

Divorce and custody matters can easily take a year or more to resolve through the courts.  With Mobilio Wood’s mediation service, your matter can be resolved in as little as a few weeks from your initial intake to a final agreement.

If you litigate your divorce or custody dispute through the court system, there are likely to be embarrassing allegations and accusations made public, whether they are true or not.  With mediation, any such allegations are private to you, your partner and the mediator.

A highly contentious divorce could easily cost the parties $20k or more, each, and a contested custody matter could easily cost $5k or more, each. 

With Mobilio Wood’s mediation service, you pay a flat fee for each half or full day of mediation, with most mediations requiring 1/2-3 days, depending on the complexity of the matter.


  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Retirement Accounts (IRA, 401k, pension, etc…)
  • Businesses
  • Personal Property
  • Alimony
  • Other Assets


Attorney Matthew Mobilio.  Attorney Mobilio is the founder of Mobilio Wood and has spent his entire career resolving legal disputes.  He is certified in dispute resolution and advocacy and has negotiated and mediated countless divorce and custody matters. He is the author of Custody Helpers: A Self-Help Guide to Pennsylvania Custody Court. 

Attorney Mobilio is a member of the Pennsylvania and Lehigh County Bar Associations, admitted to practice law in Pennsylvania, and the Eastern and Middle Districts of Pennsylvania.  He is also a former Commissioner of South Whitehall Township. 



“I enlisted Matthew's services for a child custody case and couldn’t be happier with my experience! Matthew is a knowledgeable and skilled attorney who genuinely seems to care about helping his clients, which is so important in sensitive cases such as these. His prices are very reasonable, especially when factoring in his flexibility- he was able to meet with us in the evenings at our home, allowing us to not have to take time away from work in order to meet with him. All of these things made the entire process much less stressful and much more convenient than I believe it would have been had we gone with another attorney, as I spoke with others before hiring him and nobody could offer the same flexibility and affordability as Matthew could. I went into court feeling very prepared and confident, and walked away satisfied with the results. I highly recommend Mobilio Wood to anyone needing a family law attorney.”
– Zoe

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