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The attorneys at Mobilio Wood understand that conflict in visitation and custody can be extremely distressing and affect all aspects of your life. We offer a compassionate, but aggressive approach to solving those conflicts. 

In Custody matters, the best interests of the child are paramount. There are sixteen (16) factors that the Court looks at when determining custody. It is important to understand the factors and to discuss them with your attorney prior to any Conference or matter before the Court. Mobilio Wood will take the time to make sure you know what factors are most important in your matter and will aggressively pursue the custody or visitation you and your child deserves. 

Legal Custody v. Physical Custody 

When the word “custody” is used, most people think of the physical supervision of a child. Pennsylvania Law differentiates between two (2) types of custody: Legal and Physical. Legal custody refers to decisions about your child’s medical, religious, and educational choices. For instance, which family doctor will treat the child, whether or not they will receive vaccinations, what school they will go to and what religious denomination, if any, they will be raised as. In the usual situation this is almost always shared between the parties. If legal custody is shared, the parents will need to consult with one another before making any major life decisions for the child. When disputes arise with regard to legal custody, that issue can be litigated in Court. It is important to follow the advice of a knowledgeable attorney who is versed in matters of legal custody. 

Physical custody is what most of us think of when we hear the term “custody.” It concerns the physical schedule and where and when a child spends time with a parent. If a party has Primary physical custody, that means they enjoy a majority of overnight visits with the child in a given year. Partial physical custody means a party has less than one-half of overnight visits, and Visitation typically means periods of time that one parent spends with the child that does not include an overnight stay. Shared custody is when both parties enjoy an equal number of overnights per month or per year. 

At Mobilio Wood we understand that in custody the stakes have never been higher. Our attorneys are knowledgeable, aggressive, and diligent in their representation and communication. We understand that these matters are deeply personal, and we take great pride in ensuring our clients are informed and confident at every step.

“I enlisted Matthew's services for a child custody case and couldn’t be happier with my experience! Matthew is a knowledgeable and skilled attorney who genuinely seems to care about helping his clients, which is so important in sensitive cases such as these. His prices are very reasonable, especially when factoring in his flexibility- he was able to meet with us in the evenings at our home, allowing us to not have to take time away from work in order to meet with him. All of these things made the entire process much less stressful and much more convenient than I believe it would have been had we gone with another attorney, as I spoke with others before hiring him and nobody could offer the same flexibility and affordability as Matthew could. I went into court feeling very prepared and confident, and walked away satisfied with the results. I highly recommend Mobilio Wood to anyone needing a family law attorney.”
– Zoe

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