Taking So Long for My Personal Injury Claim

What is Taking So Long for My Personal Injury Claim to Settle?

What is Taking So Long for My Personal Injury Claim to Settle? This common question is asked by people who have been involved in an accident and filed a claim and/or a lawsuit. Unfortunately, there are many causes for delays in personal injury lawsuits. As a plaintiff’s attorney, I represent injured people. However, I have previously also defended insurance companies in personal injury lawsuits. In my opinion, the number one reason for the delay of a claim resolution is the failure of the injured party’s attorney to diligently move the claim forward.

Delays by Your Attorney

There are numerous steps to resolving an injury claim. But, the time it takes to complete those steps is often under the sole control of the injured person’s attorney.  For example, some of the steps may include:

  • Acquiring police reports and medical records.
  • Submitting a demand package to the insurance company.
  • Drafting and filing the lawsuit.
  • Completing discovery in litigation.

Nearly every aspect of the process can be sped up by an attorney who is diligently pursuing a resolution.

Other Delays

On the other hand, the process can be delayed by non-responsive insurance agents, obstructive defense counsel, and unforeseen circumstances.  However, the truly diligent attorney has the tools to push the process forward.  For example, non-responsive insurance agents can be prodded by the filing of the lawsuit, an attorney can file motions to compel defense counsel to act, and so on.  Too often, attorneys are looking for the easy way out. They are afraid to go to court. So, they spend years trying to resolve the claim with the insurance company only to receive a denial of the claim.

You should never settle for an attorney who is going to sit on your claim while you suffer through medical treatment and pain, and cannot pay your bills.  If you want an attorney who will aggressively pursue every dollar owed to you, contact Mobilio Wood today for a free no-obligation case evaluation. So if you are asking yourself, “What is Taking So Long for My Personal Injury Claim to Settle?”, give us a call.


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