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The Importance of Picking the Right Contractor

As I discussed in a prior post, there are a few options for a screwed-over homeowner. For example, you can go through the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office and/or file a civil complaint.  While those options are viable and can result in some sort of settlement, there is an important term that aggrieved homeowners should know before hiring the right contractor: workmanship.

Workmanship Matters

Workmanship means “the degree of skill with which a product is made or a job is done”.  This term is important because contractors are generally not, and are not required to be, insured for defective workmanship.  However, contractors are required to maintain insurance for personal injury and property damage.   What does this mean? If a contractor you hired does something that hurts you or damages your property, their insurance company will compensate you for your loss.  If, on the other hand, the contractor simply does a poor job, the insurance company has no responsibility to compensate you.

Depending on the value of the project, recovering against a contractor who doesn’t have insurance coverage and may be living paycheck to paycheck or is operating as a limited liability company with little or no assets may be impossible.  That is why it is so important to hire a reputable contractor for your home improvement needs.

A highly rated home improvement contractor with their own equipment acts as a hedge against the possibility of future issues.  How so? Because this type of contactor has sufficient assets to remedy any issues regarding their workmanship.  In short, utilizing a contractor who offers the lowest rate may end up costing you more in the long run.

So, the best bet is to hire the right contractor. Yet, things still may go bad. Therefore, if you have questions regarding an issue with a contractor, contact Mobilio Wood today!


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