screwed over by a contractor.

Screwed Over by a Contractor? Here’s What You Do…

Through overbilling, shoddy work or property damage chances are you or someone you know has had a bad experience with a contractor.  Fortunately, Pennsylvania does a fairly good job of providing options to resolve your contractor dispute. In other words, the law protects those screwed over by a contractor.

File a Complaint

Your first and least expensive option is to make a formal complaint to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office.  If you go to the Attorney General’s website, there is an option to File a Complaint.  Once a complaint is filed a representative from the AG’s office will contact you. They will also contact the contractor with whom you have the complaint.  An investigation will begin. If your claim has merit, the Attorney General will encourage the contractor to resolve your issue.

File a Lawsuit

If you are unsuccessful in resolving your complaint through the AG’s office you should consider filing a civil complaint. A complaint is filed through the local magistrate’s office or the Court of Common Pleas. Accordingly, Pennsylvania has a law specifically intended to protect consumers from unscrupulous contractors.

The Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act contains strict regulations on home improvement contractors.  The statute requires that contractors be registered through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and maintain minimum levels of personal injury and property damage insurance.  It also includes a provision laying out exactly what must be included in home improvement contracts for them to be enforceable against the consumer.  It even provides for criminal penalties for contractors who commit home improvement fraud.  Perhaps most importantly, the law also provides for attorneys fees to be paid to the consumer by an at-fault contractor as well as the possibility of the consumer receiving a damages award over and above their actual damages.

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